About us


Victor Kerkhof
Victor Kerkhof Victor (1959) has played the piano since he was 7 years old, he also joined a brass band and several school bands. He studied piano and school music at the conservatory in Arnhem, where he met many musicians. This resulted in lots of performances with several Dutch bands e.g. De Frank Boeijen Groep, Maarten Peters and the Dream, Rob Janszen, Hans de Booij, No Excuse, Rick de Vito, Zinatra, Bertus Staigerpaip and many more, resulting in tours and recording sessions.
Besides a performing career, he also composed, arranged and produced music for films, TV series, promos and events (e.g. John de Mol) and dressage music for Anky van Grunsven and Adelinde Cornelissen.
Besides his composing work (for dressage) he is also a music teacher at the Merletcollege in Grave.

Sander Timmermans
Sander Timmermans Sander has been a computer lover since the age of 12. At school he was taught music by Victor and has worked with him on several projects.
After his study in IT, his love for digital media grew. Building websites, editing films and maintaining Apple computers are part of his daily life.
Besides these projects he is also an IT manager.